Reports: A Comprehensive Insight into our Sectors

At Hampleton, we believe that research is more than just raw deal data.

Here at Hampleton, we publish a series of technology M&A reports throughout the year on industries and sectors in the M&A spotlight which highlight key trends, valuable insights into transaction multiples, exit strategy timing, top ten lists of the most active buyers and acquisitions in their sector. Each report is a vital guide for any owner, leader or sector specialist looking for an expert analysis and overview of tech M&A activity.


Autotech Report 2H2021

Autotech M&A Report Download

In the early months of 2020, the automotive industry slammed the brakes in response to the pandemic. However, since September 2020 automakers around the world have seen rapid (and in some cases, record) levels of production. More importantly, the pandemic has greatly accelerated the electrification trend that was building before it occurred.

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Digital Commerce Report 2H2021

Digital Commerce M&A Report Download

The Digital Commerce market has experienced monumental growth and saw huge upheaval in 2020 and 2021. It’s no secret that the growth of e-commerce and the shift to online platforms for work, school and play have boosted our overall confidence in and reliance upon digital commerce companies. But how much of this is reflected in Digital Commerce M&A and fundraising markets?

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Enterprise Software Report 2H2021

Enterprise Software M&A Report Download

As new, post-covid habits have settled, M&A activity in the Enterprise Software sector is correspondingly strong. The dust may have settled following the spike in activity in 2H2020, but figures have come out higher than pre-pandemic levels. Unsurprisingly, several digital technologies adopted during the pandemic are now firmly implanted in work environments.

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IT & Business Services Report 2H2021

IT & Business Services M&A Report Download

Enterprises are digitising more products, processes and services than ever before. At the same time, they are migrating them to the cloud for efficiency, scalability and corporate agility. These trends are driving growth across all segments of the IT Services sector, keeping firms with relevant expertise in hot demand.

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Cybersecurity Report 2H2020

Cybersecurity M&A Report Download

Enterprises have been forced to rapidly digitise their products, processes and services. Lockdown measures around the world have accelerated the move to digital. Working from home has required better IT capabilities, whether in-house or outsourced. This has generated a need for reinforced cybersecurity: while the world is focused on the health and economic threats posed by Covid, cyber criminals are undoubtedly capitalising on this crisis. 

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Healthtech Report 2H2020

Healthtech M&A Report Download

There is growing appetite to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital solutions to solve many of medicine's pressing problems. This has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

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HRTech Report 2H2020

HRtech M&A Report Download

Organisations continue to face the challenge of finding, keeping and developing new hires to their full potential. Combined with AI- and technology-based advances, these motivations are driving the HRTech market. As a result, what used to be a slow-moving corporate technology space a decade ago is now a $148 billion market of HR cloud solutions to address the needs for the future of work.


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Insurtech Report 2H2020

Insurtech M&A Report Download

Technological advancements have radically transformed the ways in which insurance is offered, and the software used by insurers to adequately deliver insurance products. 

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Artificial Intelligence Report 1H2020

Artificial Intelligence M&A Report Download

Artificial intelligence continues to sweep through all industries horizontally, changing software and technological processes as we know them. AI is the key source of transformation and disruption used by many corporations to stay afloat and remain competitive –by virtue of assistance, augmentation and automation it can contribute to various processes.

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Fintech Report 1H2020

Fintech M&A Report Download

The fintech industry continues to grow and break records. Changes are being accelerated by the shift away from cash, the boom in electronic payment transactions, and the application of innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Augmented & Virtual Reality Report 1H2019

Augmented & Virtual Reality M&A Report Download

Since the last edition of Hampleton’s AR/VR report, the industry has kept making significant strides, with increasing amounts of funding flowing to later-stage companies in particular to accelerate the development of AR/VR technology in a wide variety of applications, ranging from retail to industrial manufacturing and from healthcare to energy and power.

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