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Healthtech Report 1H2019

In the healthtech sector, numerous technologies were targeted by acquirers in 2018: blockchain, data storage, artificial intelligence and patient information management software all garnered keen interest, as did health-specific IT services and medical hardware. Meanwhile, in the age of ultra-connectedness at home or on-the-go, patient-oriented self-service technology continued to strike a note with acquirers.

These technologies were coveted by large technology companies and private equity investors, but also by large corporates wishing to get a foot in the door in a growing and successful sector. Ultimately, Hampleton noted much dynamism and interplay between the acquisitions of healthcare-based or science-based companies wishing to expand their offering, and those of large extraneous firms hoping to capitalise on healthtech and not be left out of the loop.

The report focuses on Healthtech subsectors such as Health IT Services & BPO, EHR & Information Management, Medical Hardware, Online Health Services; and Healthcare Vertical Software. It includes: 

  • Trends and analysis of deal activity
  • Deal geography
  • Top acquirers
  • Valuation metrics

Top Buyers


Sum of Healthtech M&A Deals


As such, in 2018, 186 healthcare companies went public, bringing aggregate gross IPO proceeds for the year to $24 billion – that’s a whole $9 billion more than in 2017. The healthcare sector also saw consistently high demand from acquirers in the second half of 2018, continuing to grow in size and evolve in nature, with many varied transactions occurring on both sides of the Atlantic. 


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