Report: Cybersecurity
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Cybersecurity Report 2H2020

Cyberattacks continue to be one of the most dangerous threats across all industries. Attacks are growing in number and complexity, and cybersecurity vendors are moving quickly to safeguard against them and keep up the pace.

Avoiding reputational damage caused by data breaches and cyber attacks is already an important incentive for businesses to spend on cybersecurity. But this year, the Covid shift to digital in all areas of life – including students learning virtually and employees working from home – has forced companies digitising their processes to double down on IT and cybersecurity improvements.

The report focuses on Cybersecurity subsectors such as Identity & Access Management, Network & Endpoint Security, Anti-Malware Software and IT Security Services. It includes: 

  • Trends and analysis of deal activity
  • Deal geography
  • Top acquirers
  • Valuation metrics

Top Buyers

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Our cybersecurity report covers the two and a half year period between April 2018 and October 2020. All totals and median values refer to the entire period unless otherwise stated. Median multiples plotted in the graphs refer to the 30-month period prior to and including the half year.


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