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Hampleton's Tech M&A Process

At Hampleton, our mergers and acquisitions process is driven by you and your needs. This is why we manage the whole M&A process from start to finish so you can seamlessly manage your business. With our core deal makers having sat on both sides of the table, we are able to guide you through all aspects of buy-and-sell-side M&A.

Our experience in all aspects of M&A, be that strategy, supporting you in preparation, finding the best partner, transaction execution or negotiation, means you’ll always have the upper hand and reach the best deal.

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High levels of investor confidence, a constant stream of innovation, reflectively cheap capital, rapidly developing supporting technologies and a strong push to create earnings growth through acquisitions are seemingly the right conditions for the M&A market to boom. However, overall trends have shown a correction from 2015's peak volumes and total deal values to a low in 2017 and finally a slight rebound in 2018.

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